About Interfix Burnett

Interfix Burnett

Interfix is proud to be an Australian owned and operated family business.

We only use Australian manufactured patio systems, Ausdeck and Bondor both producing single skin and insulated roofing systems 100% in-house for Residential and Commercial applications to withstand the tough Australian conditions.

At Interfix we employ a team of highly qualified professionals  who have a wealth of experience to back up the speed and efficiency with which we carry out our affordable services. 

Competitive pricing, quality products and an ongoing commitment to customer service.

Interfix is customer focused and prides itself on the integrity of both our staff and products.


Australian Owned Australian

Australia makes some of the best products in the world, manufactured to meet high Australian standards.


That means you’re likely to get a better quality product. Buying Australian made means you are supporting local workers and Australian families and the profits stay in Australia.